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General Information

Are our teachers certified?

Our Teachers are UK Certified by the Swimming Teachers Association UK as well as amateur Swimming UK.

Are our courses Ministry of Education certified?

We provide a Ministry of Education approved comprehensive swimming program that is curriculum driven and educationally focused.

What ages do we cater to?

We cater from 2 ½ months to aged 18 in our school program. We cater from 6 months to 99 years for all other courses.

Which facilities do we use?
  • Centre of Excellence Swimming Pool Complex Macoya Rd., Tunapuna Trinidad and Tobago
  • Victory Heights Swimming Pool Mission Rd., Five Rivers Arouca
  • Shoppes of Maraval Swimming Pool, Shoppes of Maraval, Saddle Rd., Maraval.
Can we take photos?

Parents are asked not to photograph their children during class periods as this often involve getting the photos of other people’s children (usually unintentionally).Unless you have the written permission of ALL the children’s parents we ask that you PLEASE respect their rights not to be photographed by a stranger. In a school setting we allow photography during parents week and to school administrators and teachers who may want to document swimming activity as part of their school info, for PTA’s , notice boards and school orientations.

Do we need to provide swimming equipment?

We will provide students with appropriate swimming aids. These will normally be noodles, pull buoys, and kickboards. Caps are personal items which can be purchased by students.

Do we need to provide swimming equipment?

We will provide students with appropriate swimming aids. These will normally be noodles, pull buoys, and kickboards. Caps are personal items which can be purchased by students.


Do you cater to students with disabilities?

Students with Special Needs are catered to in our general swimming classes once they can integrate into group activity. We also offer individual classes for students whose needs require one on one attention. We conduct special needs aquatic sessions for students with cognitive, physical or learning difficulties.

What about student supervision?

The safety and well-being of all participants in any of our programs is of concern to us therefore we are committed to ensure that they are safe and properly supervised at all times. Students are taught to follow many pool rules and other administrative rules as these assist us to maintain order and our impeccable record of incident free classes.

What about student application forms?

Application forms must be completed for each student enrolled in our program of particular concern to us will be the areas of medical history, parent contact information, emergency contact and consent.

Course & Classes

Non-attendance of classes

Student progress will be dependent on their regular attendance at classes. Students are expected to attend classes regularly if they are to progress. In the event a student does not attend classes regularly there can be no guarantee of successful completion of the program.

Course Length & Content

The course length average about ten (10) weeks per school term. Classes are 45 minutes long (standard class period). As students improve their skills they are promoted from one level of our program to another. Each level of the program varies in terms of skill emphasis, degree of difficulty and general skill requirements. Our program is a progressive one with an increase in difficulty from lower level awards to the upper level ones.

What are the Evaluation Periods?

We refer to our water test as evaluation! We have 2 evaluation periods each school year November and June. In March/ April we do not conduct swimming evaluations as this is our skills or developmental term where we place emphasis on new learning, skill improvement, skill acquisition, corrective practices and examination preparation.

Swim Terms
September – November Christmas Term (Evaluation Term)
January – March/ April Easter Term (Development Term)
April/May – June/ July Vacation Term (Evaluation Term)


Upon successful completion of each level of our program a swimming certificate will be awarded. These are certificates of achievement and are not awarded simply for attendance.

Student progress varies therefore it is difficult to predict the length of time necessary for each to progress through a particular level. We place emphasis on the individual and recognize the people acquire skills at different rate and intensities.

Certificates are offered from Water Babies level and Safe Swimmer levels (1-12) We also offer special needs certification as we cater to this demographic of the swimming community (Especially Safe and Specially Safe).

Parent Involvement

As our primary stakeholders we encourage and welcome the participation of parents in our swimming program. Since many parents are non-swimmers this interaction is very important to assure them that swimming classes are safe and structured and further that their children are well supervised. We host a parent day each term where parents and guardians are invited in to view a class, see their child’s interaction and to meet their child’s swimming teacher to answer and question they may have and to explain to them the importance of swimming.

Equipment Information


Whole piece suits for girls (NO 2 PIECE) and pants, swim trunks or jammers for boys. No goggles for beginners!

Caps & Armbands

ALL girls require caps and boys who have plaits, Rastafari hair styles or long hair. Armbands are also required for ALL new students who have NO swimming experience (never been to a swim class). Armbands are to remain inflated whole term. We sell both items. Just sent the money to the school with a note and it will be provided.

Labeling ALL items

Clothes, towels and all items sent to the pool MUST be labeled. Also label the swim bag. This is most important for younger children. Please ensure that your child knows their clothing and towel and can dress themselves with limited supervision. Preschoolers are assisted by their aunties

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