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The Aquatic Emergency Procedure Award Aims To…

train staff members in pool safety, rescue, first aid, adult, child and infant CPR techniques. Candidates will be competent to deal with poolside emergencies.



Ability to Swim

None required

Validity of Award

The certification is valid for 3 years

Length of Course

The course has a recommended 6 guided learning hours.


This Training Is Offered To:


Hotels, Guest Houses and Water Parks

Hotels, guest houses and water parks have a legal and moral responsibility to ensure the safety of their guest. As many guests require amenities such as swimming pools property owners bear the risk associated with the upkeep and maintenance of these facilities.

There are many categories of staff that may operate in the vicinity of the pool area these include; clerical and guest relations staff, security personnel, maintenance and cleaning staff, household staff, bar and other service persons. Are your staff members properly trained and currently certified to responds to a poolside emergency?

This course is designed to equip all categories of staff with training which can reduce your financial and risk exposure while providing an enhanced safe environment to guest and visitors to your institution.



Accompanying children to a swimming pool for swimming lessons can be a daunting task for many teachers, school supervisors, principals and other caregivers many of whom cannot swim. This certification is designed to equip holders of this award with skills and practical knowledge of the pool environment and make their job safer and less stressful.


Course Information

The Aquatic Emergency Procedure Award qualification covers:

  • Understanding the Pool Safety Operating Procedures
  • Knowing how, and being able, to administer basic life support in a swimming pool environment
  • Knowing how, and being able, to administer first aid in a swimming pool environment
  • Being able to perform basic rescue skills in a swimming pool environment
  • Knowing how to respond to a swimming pool emergency situation
  • Understanding the importance of recording, reporting and analysing swimming pool emergency situations



The assessment criteria are as follows:

  • Complete a portfolio and worksheet questions to the satisfaction of the course tutor
  • Demonstrate the ability to carry out rescue activities in a safe, effective and prompt manner
  • Demonstrate cardiopulmonary resuscitation, its preparatory actions and aftercare.



Every 3 years to update knowledge and demonstrate understanding.


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